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Career Coach Certification Program

  • Are you an HR practitioner, learning and development consultant, internal coach, executive or life coach, career counsellor or outplacement practitioner?
  • Do you sometimes wish you could do even better with your clients or colleagues? Can you imagine them being so focused, motivated and confident that they improve not only their working lives but also their health, relationships and family life?  
  • Do you want to make your coaching business even more successful?
  • Is it important to you to gain leading-edge career coaching qualifications and to become part of a community of coaches whose knowledge and skills are solidly grounded in cognitive behaviour psychology and widely recognised internationally?
  • Want to know more about career development? Please go to the article The Future of Career Development and review the Good Decisions™ Process.


The Good Decisions™ Career Coach Certification Program

This career coach program is an educational and training program accredited through the Meta-Coach Foundation (MCF). The program is led personally by Dr Susie Linder-Pelz and includes self-directed study, web-based training and group discussion.

What you get

When you have also successfully completed the MCF's Meta-Coach training program and have become an Associate Certified Meta-Coach (see you will get a second credential, that of a Certified Careers Meta-Coach.

The Good Decisions™ Career Coach Program is the only career coaching qualification that gives you eligibility for the Certified Careers Coach credential with the MCF.

And as an Associate Certified Meta-Coach and a Certified Careers Meta-Coach you will be eligible to progress towards the highest coach credentials, Professional Certified Meta-Coach and Master Certified Meta-Coach (see


Who is Eligible for this Program?

The Good Decisions™ Career Coach Program is for people with NLP and Meta-Coach training who want to specialise in career development. People who are new to the fields of NLP and Meta-Coaching undertake a three-step training program: accelerated NLP practitioner training followed by three days of gateway training in Neuro-Semantics and then the five days on applications to career development and career management.


Contact Us

To arrange a time to talk with Susie about this program please her giving

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  • current role and organisation
  • existing NLP and other certifications
  • any tertiary qualifications, and
  • any career practitioner experience.