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NLP Coaching: An Evidence-Based Approach for Coaches, Leaders and Individuals

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• What exactly is NLP coaching?

• What practices does it share with other approaches
and which are distinct to NLP?

• Is it a valid methodology?

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) is believed by many to be a powerful set of tools for facilitating change and enhancing performance. Yet, despite the success stories and proliferation of courses, there is still much skepticism about the validity and effectiveness of NLP.

In NLP Coaching Susie Linder-Pelz brings, for the first time, an evidence-based perspective to this coaching methodology. She explains how and where NLP coaching is used, examines its links to established principles and practices, and questions aspects of NLP where the empirical evidence is missing. She reviews recent developments in NLP-based coaching practice and proposes a specific research agenda that will move NLP coaching towards an evidence-based approach.

NLP Coaching provides numerous case studies and real-life examples which show how NLP assists personal, professional, team, leadership and organisational development. The book includes contributions from leaders in the field: Andrew Bryant, Michelle Duval, Joseph O'Connor, Paul Tosey and Lisa Wake. Buy.

“Susie Linder-Pelz has explored NLP and the research which supports and challenges NLP thinking. An excellent book for the NLP coaching practitioner.”
Dr Jonathan Passmore, Director Coaching Psychology Unit, University of East London

“The book sets a mark in rock and it begs further development from the research community. It is unimaginable that anyone with an interest in the area of coaching known as ‘NLP coaching’ will not own, read and refer to this book in the years ahead. Susie writes fluidly and makes detailed research delightfully readable – the experience is almost like that of reading a good novel; masterful.”
Dr Angus I McLeod, author, international coach & trainer

From Fear to Courage: Managing Career Crises

A revolution

is taking place

in workplaces and job markets.

One aspect of this revolution

is the epidemic

of dissatisfaction and fear

surrounding our ability to

find work, keep and enjoy it.

Through the diary notes of career coach Dr Susie Linder-Pelz you meet people of differing ages, backgrounds and occupations, including

  • a chirpy marketing professional reaching 40 and feeling trapped
  • a successful IT manager who feels she is floundering
  • a fear-filled generation-X training consultant
  • a midlife manager made redundant
  • a frustrated executive secretary
  • a regretful teacher.

Susie's conversations with these people reveal how they confronted their career crises and provide constructive advice to readers facing similar challenges. Read Chapter 1 and buy.

“This superb book addresses the often unspoken issues of fear and lack of confidence in relation to formulating and implementing career action steps. Using an engaging and innovative structure, Susie tells the real-life stories of her clients and shares her manner of facilitating their transitions through her consultation-session diary notes as their career coach. You gain a thorough insight into the daily life of a coach, as well as illustrations of how people confront their career crises.”
Paul Stevens, International career development expert and author.

From Fear to Courage provides a sound approach of useful suggestions for adults in career transition. The suggestions are enlivened by the career stories of real people, stories that will help many readers identify with the career issues and solutions presented.”
Deborah P. Bloch, PhD. Professor, Organization & Leadership, University of San Francisco.

"With large organisations often treating people as one of their most dispensable 'resources' the search for a new career is an unavoidable activity. For many, career change can feel like an isolating experience and it is natural to have to deal with fears. You will find it comforting and encouraging to follow the change path of the people in this book. In reading how others find ways to work through significant career change you learn masterful ways to adapt for your own use. You will be awakened to how you can work you own mind differently. The results achieved by the people in the book encourage us all to imagine – and create – a far richer future.”
Peter Thompson B. Sc. (Hons.), Dip. Ed., Dip. Cl. Hyp., NLP Trainer (INLPTA)

"Thanks a lot for your insightful book — its timing cannot be better, especially as I'm currently preoccupied with the psychological aspects of being out of work for so long while searching for a new direction and meaning in my life.  In this respect the sensibility and humanism in your book just hit on the spot for me and will no doubt help me get positive outcomes from the process I'm currently going through."
Y. Levy, IT professional, 37

“I loved your book 'From Fear to Courage'! It was well written and so very readable. I read it in Sydney last November and was really impressed.”
L.Michael Hall, PhD. Trainer & co-founder of the International Society of Neuro-Semantics.

“This book is an exceptional tool for any individual wishing to make effective change in any area of their life. The coaching methodology that underpins Dr Linder-Pelz's work is transparent in her writing, making this an essential resource for Executive and Personal Coaches alike.”
Michelle Duval, Co-creator of the International Meta-Coach Training Program


"Midlife Moves: Taking Charge of Your Future"

“Our [health promotion] company bought 3,000 copies of both books Well Over Fifty and Midlife Moves because they were so Australian, reader-friendly and well received by our members."

“I have given the book Midlife Moves to at least 20 of my investment planning clients to help them develop an ‘exit strategy’ from their current career. They have found it very useful. It helped one client and his wife make the transition from one form of high activity with lots of stress to another with as much activity but less stress and more satisfaction. It made them realise there was a life after 'retirement'”.
Peter Gilchrist,  Investment advisor

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Other books by Susie Linder-Pelz

Well Over Fifty: A Guide to Health Care and Services for Australians Growing Older, Allen & Unwin/Nexus Publications, Sydney, 1991. Reprinted 1992.

Health Care Issues (co-authored with E. Bates), Allen & Unwin,1987;  2nd edition 1989 reprinted three times.